Todd R. Forsgren
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Artist's Statement

Aside from taking pictures, I've also spent some time making paintings. Though it has been an important creative outlet, I've often felt a bit self-conscious and secretive about trying to paint while calling myself a photographer. I thought some of my other photo friends wouldn't like the idea of a photographer using a paint brush too... A few photographers do suffer from a bit of 'painter's envy' after all. I would go so far as to say that some might think that my use of paint would make my efforts with a camera less serious to them... And that explains the reason I've chosen hidden this portfolio which you've stumbled upou.

These paintings are what I made when I was trying to keep photography and painting far apart. However, when I began my 44% Blue series in 2009, I started thinking quite a bit about the relationship between these two media. The extended process I've used to create the 44% Blue collages asipre to be considered as paintings as well as photographs. Take a look at 44% Blue to see how I've tried to hybridize these media...