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The Fenway Victory Gardens:

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The Fenway Victory Gardens is a community garden in Boston's Fenway neighborhood. It was this garden that sparked my interest in community based agriculture programs, when I lived a few blocks away from it from the summer 2004 - spring 2005. I would spend many mornings and afternoons strolling through these gardens with my camera.

The Fenway Victory Garden covers four acres in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood. It is one of the largest and oldest allotment gardens in the United States, with over 500 plots that have been continually cultivated since 1942. It is tucked within a quiet crook of the Muddy River in Fredrick Law Olmsted’s Fens Park. The diverse Fenway neighborhood has brought people from all walks of life to the garden. Perhaps this is what has fostered an uncommon sense of freedom in the garden. While many gardeners still do grow produce, others embrace their horticultural whims.