Todd R. Forsgren
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Staring at the Sky and the Screen
Dreaming of Other Celestial Bodies
Wondering What They're Looking at

Breaking Branches and Bending Grids

Measuring Half-lives on the Horizon

Artist's Statement

Landscape Made of Noise, Archival inkjet print, 2003-2013.

In graduate school, I wrote an 89,480 character long paper,
just one of the many hoops I jumped through to get an MFA.
My thesis had a very long and quite an extravagant title:
"The Effects of Globalization and Digital Technology on Perceptions of Landscape."
Now that thesis is locked away in an obscure university's library.
But I wanted to make something more tangible with it,
so I pasted that long and rambling text into an image file,
right into one of the first digital photographs I ever took,
which was a picture of a stormy sky full of digital noise.
This new landscape contains my entire graduate thesis;
it was only 1/8th the size of that 400x500 pixel image,
with the sky full of digital noise looming above it.
It's a basic puzzle in steganography, a type of cryptography.
If you twist the downloadable .tiff file in just the right way,
it unlocks my thesis, but I don't recommend reading my thesis,
instead, just take a moment and enjoy the view.