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Staring at the Sky and the Screen
Dreaming of Other Celestial Bodies

Wondering What They're Looking at

Breaking Branches and Bending Grids
Measuring Half-lives on the Horizon

Artist's Statement

Reconciling Idealized Form and Perfected Value, Video, 2013.

Ansel Adams spent much of his career photographing the 
splendor of the American West and it's majestic mountains. 
He pushed photographic material to its very limits.
He was a technical virtuoso, shifting tones and values.
Using filters, darkroom tricks, and his zone system.
With digital imagery, many of these techniques have
become more approachable to the amateur photographer.

Now we make similar tectonic shifts all the time,
Looking at the histogram, we can see all these values,
incidentally, it looks like a little mountain range,
like the ones that Ansel Adams liked to photograph so much.
So I took Adam’s photograph of the Tetons and Snake River,
and so I tried to make the mountain range of the histogram
look just like the Tetons, and the Tetons look like the histogram.
And in the end, I ended up ruining both of them.