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Breaking Branches and Bending Grids

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Artist's Statement

Discovering Icebergs with my Daughter
, 16 8x12 Gelatin Silver Prints, 2016.

In January 2016, a record breaking blizzard hit Mid-Atlantic USA
One day in late February, the snow had finally melted, well, mostly...
Enough so that I could push my six-month old daughter in her storller
We went for a long walk through the neighborhood.

This was left of that record breaking blizzard:
A few dirty and melting piles of snow where plows had pushed it.
It was piled up in the margins and pushed aside into the corners,
Little icebergs that had been moved onto the edge of the landscape.

We walked around the neighborhood, reflecting on these little icebergs
And on this world that I had brought my darling daughter into...
And the dirty snow looked amazingly beautiful and complicated.
I began to wonder what icebergs would remain for her to see.