Todd R. Forsgren
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Staring at the Sky and the Screen
Dreaming of Other Celestial Bodies

Wondering What They're Looking at

Breaking Branches and Bending Grids
Measuring Half-lives on the Horizon

Artist's Statement

View of Fuji on Kodak on Fuji, 8”x10” digital c-print, 2009-2011.

Mount Fuji in a rainstorm and color space rainbow.
Made of cut photographs of Mount Fuji and rainbows.
Photographed on Kodak Portra 4"x5" 160NC.
Scanned at 2040dpi with Imacon/Flextight/Hasselblad X1.
With Adobe Photoshop CS5 histogram sliders.
Printed on 8"x10" Fuji Crystal Archive Paper
Mounted on aluminum with a plexi facemount.