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Staring at the Sky and the Screen
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Wondering What They're Looking at

Breaking Branches and Bending Grids
Measuring Half-lives on the Horizon

Artist's Statement

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Four Sides of the Washington Monument (Divided America), 2016.

Contemplating the complete and utter absurdity of the 2016 election,
I found myself wandering around the National Mall in Washington DC.
Circling the Washington Monument, starting it from all directions,
Considering the very different directions people want to take America...

From one side it looked white, gleaming and pure against the sky,
The second side looked like a knife, gleaming as it cut the clouds.
From the next it was a tall dark stranger, handsome and mysterious,
On the fourth side, still in shadow, it was shrouded and dangerous.

Walking away from the tallest obelisk, the most phallic of monuments,
I turned and looked back from the far end of the reflecting pool...
The momument appeared doubled and I felt more disoriented than ever,
Because for a moment I didn't know which was up and and which was down.

I thought about our choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
Depression on a crisp afternoon, this division with no end it in sight.
All four sides seemed both promising and absolutely terrifying to me.
How on earth can I find a way to raise my child in this environemnt?