Todd R. Forsgren
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Staring at the Sky and the Screen

Dreaming of Other Celestial Bodies

Wondering What They're Looking at
Breaking Branches and Bending Grids
Measuring Half-lives on the Horizon

Artist's Statement

This is Not an Event Horizon, Archival inkjet print, 2012.  

Every night the stars all seem to revolve around Polaris.
For years, humans thought we were the center of it all.
But then, careful recordings suggested this wasn't true.
 Of course, this dance still happens every single night,
It’s a little bit like a broken record that is stuck on repeat.

I can't see it happening or hear it happening either,
but I can record this with my camera and the data seems clear,
so I believe it happens even though I can’t see it happening.
I also believe that as it becomes easier to record such data,
it becomes harder to observe it.