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Artist's Statement

Battlefield (after Fenton), Salt print, 2013.

Roger Fenton is credited with taking took the first war photo,
an image of a vacant road and field littered with cannonballs. 
He called it "The Valley of the Shadow of Death,"
Which Samuel L. Jackson quotes in Pulp Fiction.
Though I guess it’s somewhere in the Bible too.

Fenton took another image of that same road,
It was made from the same spot on the same day,
but the cannonballs have been moved around a bit.
Today, we have been left to interpret this mystery:
"Which image came first?," I wondered.

For a while I pondered this question, then I took action.
I decided to try to take a photograph a moment early,
before both Fenton's images, and 150 year after it.
It's as close as I've ever come to being a war photographer,
and I hope it’s as close as ever come to being a war photographer.